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Thank you for choosing 1-2-3 Smile Family Dentistry are your family dentist office in Miami, FL. We look forward to meeting with you soon and helping you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile. Our dental care team is known for providing compassionate and comprehensive care to patients of all ages. We offer treatment options for a wide range of dental concerns to ensure we can care for growing, developing, or aging smiles. Learn more about what to expect at your upcoming appointment below.

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What To Expect: Your First Dental Appointment

At 1-2-3 Smile Family Dentistry, our goal is to make your dental care experience a positive one so that you are encouraged and motivated to continue caring for your smile. We will do everything we can to make your first dental appointment in our office a stress-free experience. Our front desk staff are excited to help you transition to our office and answer any questions you might have about our policies and procedures.

For your first appointment, we recommend you bring the following items with you: 

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a member of our team who will check you in and ensure we have all the documentation we need on file. Then, you will be called back to the dental exam room. Our dental care team will begin evaluating your smile, taking necessary X-rays, and asking you about your dental health history. We will also perform a thorough dental cleaning and look for signs of gum disease progression. Then, one of our doctors will come and visit you. This is the perfect time to ask questions and voice any dental concerns that you may experience outside of our office. Our doctors will take the time to get to know you and your dental health goals. If a dental concern is noted during your appointment, we will ensure that you are given a treatment plan that meets your needs. Afterward, we will schedule follow-up appointments and you will be good to go.

If you are looking for a reliable dentist office in the Miami, FL area, we hope you will schedule an appointment with us. Please contact us if you have any additional questions about what to expect at your upcoming appointment.