Tooth Extraction Miami FL

When you need a tooth safely and painlessly removed from your smile, 1-2-3 Smile Family Dentistry is here for you. We provide in-office tooth extraction services including routine extractions, surgical extractions, and wisdom tooth extractions. Modern dentistry has evolved to make tooth extractions a painless experience. Utilizing sedation dentistry solutions including local anesthetics, our doctors can ensure that your tooth extraction is a pain-free experience. It’s important to have problematic teeth removed from your smile sooner rather than later so that they are not able to cause additional dental concerns. Learn more about our tooth extractions below.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Miami, FL

Tooth Extractions in Miami, FL

Dr. Renier Suarez and Dr. Teresa Suarez are committed to providing you with the general dentistry services you need to maintain the health and wellness of your smile. While our doctors like to avoid permanent tooth loss as much as possible, sometimes a tooth is causing more problems than it is worth. When this occurs, we are happy to provide one of the following types of tooth extractions:

Routine Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes severely damaged or decayed, you may require a routine tooth extraction. Routine tooth extractions allow us to gently dislodge a problematic tooth from your smile by gently rocking it back and forth and removing it from your soft tissues.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

If a tooth has not fully erupted upon requiring a tooth extraction, our doctors can perform oral surgery to remove the impacted tooth. We will utilize sedation dentistry solutions to keep you calm and comfortable during the entire procedure. Our doctors will make a small incision into your soft tissues so that they are able to reach the impacted tooth and remove it effectively. You will be fully informed of your surgical treatment plan and aftercare requirements beforehand to ensure optimal end results.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Many patients will develop their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties. These teeth can cause many problems within your smile and should be removed to prevent future pain or discomfort. Our team is happy to provide wisdom tooth extractions at our Miami, FL dentist office.