Dentist Miami FL

At 1-2-3 Smile Family Dentistry, we are happy to provide dental cleanings, dental exams, fillings, sealants, root canals, and any other necessary dental procedures needed to maintain your oral health and wellness. We have also expanded our general dentistry services to include sedation dentistry, family dentistry, laser dentistry, mouthguards, extractions, and more. Our doctors work with each patient to create treatment plans that are individualized to their needs and goals. Learn more about our general dentistry services below.

Dentist Office in Miami, Florida

Dentist in Miami, FL

Dr. Renier Suarez and Dr. Teresa Suarez are here to help you improve and maintain your dental health. Going above and beyond standard preventative care services, our office is also equipped to provide you with advanced dentistry solutions to treat complex dental concerns. We encourage patients of all ages to visit our office for all of your general dentistry needs. Our doctors have expanded our general dentistry services to include the following:

Sedation Dentistry

We understand visiting the dentist’s office isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. This is why we are happy to provide sedation dentistry options to keep our patients calm and comfortable during their necessary procedures. Perfect for patients with dental anxiety or children who struggle to stay still in the dental chair, our sedation dentistry solutions can help you enjoy your dental care experience.

Family Dentistry

We are excited to welcome patients of all ages to our Miami, FL dentist office. Our doctors and dental care team are known for providing compassionate and comprehensive care. We take the time to introduce our younger patients to our equipment and procedures using kid-friendly terminology so that they are not intimidated by sitting in the dental chair.

Tooth Extraction

While we aim to help our patients avoid tooth loss at all costs, some teeth may be causing more problems than they are worth within your smile. Whether you have an infected, impacted tooth or your wisdom teeth are beginning to grow in, we can help you safely remove problematic teeth within your smile and restore your dental health with in-office tooth extractions.

Emergency Dentistry

It’s important that you know who to call when you experience a dental emergency. Our Miami, FL dentist office is here for you. We offer emergency dentistry services, ensuring that we make time for patients who need to see us sooner rather than later. Please contact our office directly if you are currently experiencing a dental emergency.

Custom Mouthguards

Our office is happy to provide custom mouthguards to interested patients. Patients who engage in contact sports often require tooth protection to participate in those activities. Additionally, patients who suffer from TMJ disorders or teeth grinding may benefit from the use of a nightguard, or a custom mouthguard that is designed to be worn at night.

Laser Dentistry

At 1-2-3 Smile Family Dentistry, we are excited to bring modern dentistry solutions to Miami, FL. Our doctors utilize laser dentistry technology when working on or around your soft tissues. Reducing post-procedure bleeding and speeding up recovery times, laser dentistry allows us to effectively and painlessly work on your gums.