Headache Treatment Miami, FL

Headaches are a very common concern that our patients deal with outside of our office. However, some patients do not know that headaches can be a dental concern. Headaches are a symptom of many dental concerns including teeth grinding and TMJ disorders. It’s important to inform your dentist about your headaches and how often they occur. Our doctors will thoroughly evaluate your dental health system and look for underlying causes for your headaches. Anything that potentially adds strain to your teeth, gums, jawbone, or facial muscles may affect how often your headaches occur. We will do our best to treat any underlying causes to reduce further pain or discomfort. Learn more about headache treatment in our Miami, FL dentist office below.

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Headache Treatment in Miami, FL

Tension headaches are a debilitating symptom of complex, underlying dental concerns. The best way to figure out the underlying cause of your headaches is to schedule an appointment with our office. During our consultation, we will discuss your dental health history, dietary patterns, lifestyle habits, and other contributing factors that may affect your overall health. Then, we will come up with a plan to treat your symptoms. Possible causes of frequent tension headaches include:

  • Uneven bite pattern
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Dental decay
  • Teeth grinding
  • TMJ disorder
  • Sleep apnea

It’s important to be honest with your dentist about any symptoms you have experienced outside of the dentist’s office, especially headaches. We do not want to see our patients suffering from frequent tension headaches when we are able to offer treatment options that could reduce this symptom. This is why we encourage our patients to keep us updated on their dental health and report any symptoms related to their teeth, gums, jawbone, facial muscles, ears, neck, or upper back, as all of these are involved in your dental health system.

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Our dentists have the extensive training and expertise needed to diagnose the underlying cause of your tension headaches. A Dawson Scholar and Fellow of the Misch Implant Institute, Dr. Renier Suarez is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of complex dental health concerns including TMJ disorders. If you have been experiencing frequent headaches, please schedule an appointment with our Miami, FL dentist office today.