Crooked Teeth Miami, FL

Crooked, misaligned teeth cause a wide range of concerns for patients. Cosmetically, crooked teeth do not look aesthetically pleasing and can make your smile seem uneven or irregular. Beyond cosmetic concerns, crooked teeth also create unintended pressure points within your smile, leading to an increased risk for dental damages. The longer you leave crooked teeth untreated, the more likely you are to experience dental concerns resulting from an uneven bite pattern. We recommend pursuing orthodontic treatment sooner rather than later so that you can enjoy a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. Learn more about how we treat crooked teeth in our Miami, FL dentist office.

Orthodontics in Miami, Florida

Crooked Teeth Treatment Options in Miami, FL

Our Miami, FL dentist office has the treatment options you need to straighten your smile. We can create a custom treatment plan for you based on your dental health needs and cosmetic goals. Our office is equipped to provide orthodontic services in-house. Our orthodontic treatment options include:

Traditional Braces 

With traditional braces, metal brackets and wires are firmly secured to your dental structures. As your treatment plan progresses, the wires will be tightened by a professional dentist. As your teeth adjust to the periodic tightening, you will notice that they slowly start to shift into a straighter position. It’s important to know that orthodontic treatment, no matter which solution you choose, will take several months to complete. With traditional braces, you will be advised to avoid certain excessively crunchy or chewy foods while undergoing treatment to prevent damage to the orthodontic hardware.


Invisalign is a discreet alternative to traditional braces. Unlike traditional braces, which use metal brackets and wires that are firmly secured on your dental structures to straighten your smile, Invisalign utilizes see-through aligners. The aligners are completely removable and easy to clean. You simply remove the aligners, which are shaped similar to a retainer, in order to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Patients love Invisalign because it allows them to pursue orthodontic treatment without anyone ever knowing. Additionally, Invisalign is perfect for patients who are looking to avoid the unwanted attention that braces can draw toward their smiles. As long as you wear your Invisalign aligners on average of 20-22 hours a day, your treatment plan will progress as intended and you will achieve a straighter, healthier smile.